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Serum-Free Media

PAN-Biotech has developed a product portfolio of more than 450 different media products for a wide range of cell cultures, including serum-free media for stem cell, immune cell and many other cell specific cultures.
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Serum Substitutes
Use Panexin to develop your own serum-free media

The Panexin serum substitutes can be used with many cell lines to replace FBS. Panexin batches are very homogenous making complex batch testing unnecessary.
Panexin is fully defined and contains no growth factors, undefined peptones or hydrolysates. You can use it with any basal medium.

Serum-Free media and Serum substitutes flyer

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First-class products for cell culture

PAN-Biotech specializes in the manufacturing of cell culture products like sera, media, serum-free systems, reagents, biologicals and more. 
Their highly skilled team with operating experience in various fields of cell technology guarantees product development based on the needs and requirements of the customers. Custom made items for your specific needs can be manufactured.
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