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StemFit® medium  
StemFit® medium was developed to produce a reliable and well-defined growth condition for human stem cells. It has all necessary components for the culture of embryonic stem cells (ES) as well as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS).

- Start from a single cell
- No feeder cells and xeno-free culture medium
- Reproducible growth rates on any matrix
- Less Media Needed
- Free up your weekend 
- Contains no bFGF
- Less production of lactate

Bambanker - Serum-Free Cryopreservation Medium

The cell freezing media Bambanker™ permit cryopreservation of cells at -80 °C (or in liquid nitrogen), avoiding the need for an additional and expensive ultra-low freezer or time consuming and complicated controlled freezing protocols. Simply 1) harvest cells, 2) aspirate medium, 3) resuspend in Bambanker™, 4) transfer to a cryovial and 5) store at -80 °C.
Bambanker™ - HRM

- Optimal for cryopreservation of ES   
  and iPS cells
- No animal components
Bambanker™ - Direct

- Optimal for hybridomas
- Direct addition to cryoprotectant, no   
  centrifugation needed
Bambanker™ - DMSO-Free

- Optimal for the most sensitive cells
- DMSO-free formula that avoids
  formation of ice crystals
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Filter Tips, PCR Reaction Tubes, Screw Cap Tubes and Cryo Tubes
Stable and non-DNA-binding plastic is the basis for a qualitative workforce. Nippon Genetics place great value on DNase, RNase and gDNA-free consumables. Their products are compatible with all common instruments and devices such as PCR cyclers and pipettes.

ITK can supply the Filter Tips from stock.
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Molecular and Cell Biology products

NIPPON Genetics provides an extensive range of selected and pioneering products for the life science sector. They want to support researchers in molecular and cell biological laboratories around the world in realizing their visions for the future and in arriving at new scientific knowledge and developments.

Their product portfolio includes instruments and consumables for different types of electrophoresis, gel documentation, nucleic acid purification and cell biology.

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