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Do-It-Yourself ELISA

Kingfisher offers a range of ELISAs for a wide variety of targets in veterinary research.
These sets include a capture antibody, protein standard, and detection antibody, which have been determined to work in an ELISA.
Please find below an overview of all available Do-It-Yourself ELISAs. 

Do-It-Yourself ELISA Brochure

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Reagents for Veterinary & Animal model research.

Kingfisher Biotech, Inc. is committed to accelerating basic veterinary and animal model research by developing and commercializing reagents to various species, many of which have been previously underserved. Their products cover 14 different species (bovine, canine, catfish, chicken, dolphin, equine, feline, guinea pig, mouse, ovine, rabbit, rat, swine, and turkey) and include  recombinant proteins, antibodies, and ELISA kits.
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