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D3 Ultra DFA Respiratory Virus Screening & Identification Kit


High-Quality Antibodies Developed At The Diagnostic HYBRIDS Hybridoma Facility

For rapid, sensitive and specific screening and definitive identification of Influenza A, Influenza B, Parainfluenza 1, 2, & 3, Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Adenovirus from direct patient specimens or culture.


One-step direct detection kit with a fifteen-minute incubation

Improves workflow and laboratory time to result.


A Complete System Approach

Optimize your respiratory virus testing using the D3 Ultra DFA Kit with R-Mix™ or R-Mix Too™ MixedCells™, Flocked Swabs with Universal Transport Medium, and virus training panels and control stocks for a complete system approach to respiratory virus detection.





D3 Ultra DFA Respiratory Screening and ID Kit


D3 Ultra DFA Respiratory Virus Direct Specimen Screening Set


D3 Ultra DFA Respirtory Virus Shell Vial Screening Set


D3 Ultra DFA RSV Reagent Set


D3 Ultra DFA Influenza A / Influenza B Reagent Set


D3 Ultra DFA Parainfluenza Reagent Set


D3 ultra DFA Respiratory Virus ID Set

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Diagnostic kits for Infectious Diseases.

Diagnostic Hybrids innovates, develops, manufactures and markets cellular and molecular diagnostic kits for various applications in detecting a wide range of respiratory diseases, herpes infections, thyroid function, and other high value markers of disease. Their products provide an accurate, rapid and cost-effective diagnosis. They are changing the way people use technologies to more effectively diagnose and treat respiratory and other diseases. Diagnostic Hybrids strives to address a variety of health issues, impacting the quality of healthcare outcomes and the quality of life.

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