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The ITK diagnostics product range varies from plastics and disposables to high quality antibodies and kits. Our website contains a convenient quick and advanced product search as well as a summary of all products distributed by ITK diagnostics.

Innovative proximity ligation assay-based solutions

Navinci Diagnostics
Delve into the world of protein interaction with Navinci’s innovative in situ Proximity Ligation assay-based solutions. Gain valuable insights with unmatched precision and unravel the intricacies of protein dynamics and functions.

Naveni® TriFlex Cell
Take a snapshot of two proteins while they interact. Naveni TriFlex Cell assay uses fluorescence detection to study protein interactions and functions while maintaining the structural integrity of the cell.
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NaveniBright provides chromogenic detection with DAB or AP of proteins, protein interactions, or modifications in fresh-frozen and FFPE samples. Proximity Ligation Technology delivers precise staining and highly accurate data, empowering researchers to gain deeper insights.
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ITK Diagnostics is a independent distributor of research and diagnostic laboratory products in the BeNeLux. We offer many different products, from different brands, from different manufacturers. We help in various ways, including

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