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Consumables Newsletter – Summer 2024

In this newsletter we would like to draw your attention to the latest product news from Alpha Laboratories. Included are the new innovative SmartLid™ for Viral DNA/RNA extraction from ProtonDx, as well as multiple consumables that can help your laboratory reduce its environmental footprint and offer more convenience.

SmartLid™ – The Smarter Way for Viral DNA/RNA Extraction
New SmartLid™ from ProtonDx is a novel magnetic key and lid system, designed to quickly and easily transfer magnetic beads and attach nucleic acids through a series of three simple sample extraction steps: Lysis, Wash, and Elution.
With SmartLid™, a single user can easily process up to 12 samples in under 
10 minutes.

Fine Tip Pastette® – For careful control and small volume transfers
Many applications will require small volumes of liquid to be transferred between a variety of different vessels. Fine Tip Pastette® are LDPE transfer or pasteur pipettes that are a simple solution and a safe alternative to glass pipettes. They are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure the best performance and accuracy for the user.

Fastrak® and FastZAP™ Pipette Tip Refills
Fastrak® pipette tip refill system excels in all environmental aspects compared to other popular refill systems. It is lighter, smaller and uses less packaging that is almost entirely renewable (95%).

FastZAP™ Filter Tips Racked in a Snap
FastZAP™ is Alpha Laboratories’ newest addition to its range of environmentally friendly pipette tips. It brings you ZAP™ Premier filter tips in the Fastrak® style re-racking system. With a simple Lift, Place, and Snap, you can quickly refill your pipette tip racks with high quality filter tips.

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