Consumables Newsletter – Summer 2024

In this newsletter we would like to draw your attention to the latest product news from Alpha Laboratories. Included are the new innovative SmartLid™ for Viral DNA/RNA extraction from ProtonDx, as well as multiple consumables that can help your laboratory reduce its environmental footprint and offer more convenience. SmartLid™ – The Smarter Way for Viral […]

Innovative proximity ligation assay-based solutions

Navinci DiagnosticsDelve into the world of protein interaction with Navinci’s innovative in situ Proximity Ligation assay-based solutions. Gain valuable insights with unmatched precision and unravel the intricacies of protein dynamics and functions. Naveni® TriFlex CellTake a snapshot of two proteins while they interact. Naveni TriFlex Cell assay uses fluorescence detection to study protein interactions and […]


ProtonDxIn 2023 ProtonDx launched SmartLid, a Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit for fast and simple extraction of Viral DNA / RNA with a high yield, without a centrifugation step. The core technology builds on several years of innovative research in sample extractions, fueled by unique collaborations between engineering, medicine and molecular biology. ProtonDx is continuing to […]

Addition of Navinci and Bio-Optica

Navinci DiagnosticsNavinci provides innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies in spatial proteomics. They are dedicated to help researchers unravel the intricacies of protein dynamics and functions. Their novel, proprietary Naveni® in situ Proximity Ligation Technology, enables precise staining that can be quantified for the detection of proteins, protein-protein interactions, or protein modifications in cultured cells fresh-frozen. […]

Vector-Borne Diseases

In the battle against vector-borne diseases, timely and accurate diagnostics are essential for effective intervention. Check our latest newsletter that highlights diagnostic options for a selection of vector-borne diseases including Dengue and TBEV: Vector-Borne Diseases mail

Biocare’s Top Sellers

Meet Biocare’s Top Sellers including TTF-1 and GATA-3 antibodies: Biocare’s Top Sellers mail

Cell Biology Update

View our Cell Biology update to learn more about the extensive range of AssayMax ELISA kits and the new mAbMods Chimeric anti-mouse Antibodies!: Cell Biology Update mail

Breast Cancer Pathology

Read our latest newsletter to learn more about our Breast Cancer Pathology Diagnostics antibodies including E-Cadherin and GATA-3!: Breast Cancer Pathology mail. Image: Breast cancer stained with GATA-3 antibody

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