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The ITK diagnostics product range varies from plastics and disposables to high quality antibodies and kits. Our website contains a convenient quick and advanced product search as well as a summary of all products distributed by ITK diagnostics.


In 2023 ProtonDx launched SmartLid, a Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit for fast and simple extraction of Viral DNA / RNA with a high yield, without a centrifugation step. The core technology builds on several years of innovative research in sample extractions, fueled by unique collaborations between engineering, medicine and molecular biology.

ProtonDx is continuing to innovate and develop new products for diagnostics and research. More products for more applications can be expected. SmartLid is currently Research Use Only.

Send your requests to test your viral liquid sample with SmartLid to:

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ITK Diagnostics is a independent distributor of research and diagnostic laboratory products in the BeNeLux. We represent many different products, from different brands, from different manufacturers and help our customers in various ways:

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  • Importing specific products from specific manufacturers, also from brands outside our standard product portfolio
  • Answering product technical; questions, including communicating with the manufacturer
  • Proposing alternative / cost-efficient products
  • Warehouse services for shorter delivery times, lot reservation, delivery on demand or by means of a standing order.

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