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Safe, Easy Sample Transport Systems

In the modern medical environment, thousands of patient samples need to be transported from their point of collection, to a testing laboratory for analysis. Getting things safely through the post can be problematic, so packing and mailing of patient samples needs careful handling and adherence to regulations.

Accordingly, Category B blood, faeces, urine or sputum samples must be transported under guidelines issued by the World Health Organization using P650 packaging instructions, to UN3373 standards. Complying with these guidelines can be a demanding task.


UN3373 verzending
biologische agentia

categorie B

Alpha Laboratories

SpeciSafe blisters:



Conventionele Blister



SpeciSafe Blister



-          * Schokbestendig en lekvrije verpakking; bij gebruik met 95kPa
  primaire verpakkingen (afname buis) UN3373 compliant.

* Door ontbreken van additioneel absorptie materiaal en safety bags:
           -  Lagere verzendkosten  
           -  Lagere afname kosten
           -  MVO: Kleinere afvalstroom
           -  Minder handelingen voor versturende partij en 
              ontvangende partij.

* Bescherming gebruiker: doorzichtige plastic verpakking maakt het 
  mogelijk om kapotte buizen op te merken zonder uitpakken












Absorptie pouch

Gripseal zakjes




SpeciSafe Blister






SpeciSafe Packs Provide a Safe, Convenient and Economical Sample Packaging Solution

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