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Expert in intracellular flow cytometry.

Nordic MUbio is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the field of intracellular flow cytometry and through their pioneering efforts they designed and developed the preeminent reagent in cell fixation and permeabilization FIX&PERMŽ.

FIX&PERMŽ allows for mild fixation and permeabilization of cells while leaving their morphological scatter characteristics intact. FIX&PERMŽ enabling today´s researcher to accurately identify previously undetectable intracellular markers.

Together with FIX&PERMŽ, Nordic MUbio also offer a selective panel of antibody conjugates for the analysis of intracellular human leukocyte antigens (COMBI-IC, SINGLE-IC) and selected antibodies for studies of human leukocyte surface molecules (SURFACE Antibodies).

Nordic MUbio-Lyse is the ideal reagent for whole blood staining of human surface antigens. With its unique "no-wash" feature, Nordic MUbio-Lyse allows for rapid staining procedure and ease of handling.

The Nordic MUbio reagents continue to benchmark the field with high quality and consistent products, which are used in leading laboratories worldwide.

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