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ITK represents many leading manufacturers in the field of research immunology and diagnostics.
Our product offering is constantly expanding, so please check this page regularly for new suppliers.

our suppliers
  • AAT Bioquest

    Advancing Assay & Test Technologies.

    AAT Bioquest, Inc. develops, ...

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  • ADI

    ELISA reagents and kits for animal and human research.

    Alpha ...

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  • AimPlex ...

    AimPlex® Multiplex Immunoassays for Flow™.

    AimPlex ...

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  • Alpha Labs

    Laboratory supplies and diagnostic consumables.

    Alpha Laboratories is ...

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  • AssayPro

    Manufacturer of immunological assay kits.

    Assaypro is dedicated to ...

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  • Biocare Medical

    Manufacturer of IHC and molecular pathology products

    Biocare Medical, ...

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  • biodelta

    LTK-008 reliably removes DNA, RNA, DNASES, RNASES.

    For more


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  • BioGenex

    The Molecular Pathology Specialist.

    BioGenex develop, manufacture


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  • BioInd

    GMP manufacturer of specialized culture media for stem cells, ES & iPS ...

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  • BioPorto

    Diagnostic tests and antibodies for clinical and research ...

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  • BioSB

    Bio SB produces Rabbit Monoclonals and various other products for ...

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  • Biosynex

    Simple tests that enables rapid information.

    BIOSYNEX is a french ...

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  • BioVision

    Products for Life Science research and drug discovery.

    BioVision ...

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  • Boster Bio

    Antibody and ELISA kit experts

    Boster is an antibody manufacturer ...

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  • CHROMagar

    Inventor of chromogenic media technology.

    CHROMagar™ supplies the ...

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  • DHI

    Diagnostic kits for Infectious Diseases.

    Diagnostic Hybrids ...

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  • Elabscience

    Focus on Your Life Science Research

    Elabscience specializes in ...

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  • Empire Genomics

    FISH, CISH and other molecular probes.

    Empire Genomics designs, ...

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  • Epigentek

    Epigenetic kits, antibodies and reagents for use in DNA methylation, ...

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  • Feec

    Supplier of the Super Pap pen for IHC.

    The Super Pap pen is designed ...

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  • Focus

    In-vitro diagnostic tests for Infectious Diseases.

    As part of the ...

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  • Geneaid

    A leading manufacturer of DNA/RNA purification products, including plasmid ...

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  • Generi biotech

    Real-time PCR kits for pathogens and DNA defects (CE/IVD) 

    Generi ...

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  • GenHunter

    Differential Display kits, reagents, PerfectWestern® containers and ...

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  • Ingenetix

    Real-time PCR kits for various pathogens

    Ingenetix is specialized in ...

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  • Kingfisher

    Reagents for Veterinary & Animal model research.


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  • Komabiotech

    Manufactures and provides reagents and tools for life science ...

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    High quality products, service solutions, competitive


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  • Leinco

    Manufacturer of early discovery research products

    Leinco Technologies


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  • MoBiTec

    Molecular and Cell Biology tools

    Your partner for unique Two- and ...

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  • MyBiosource

    Mybiosource is a quality reagents supplier

    For more information: ...

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  • Neogen

    Elisa Test Kits, Life Science Solutions and Drug Detection Test


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  • Nordic MUbio

    Expert in intracellular flow cytometry.

    Nordic MUbio is recognized ...

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  • Novodiax

    Tissue-based diagnostics and immunoassays

    Novodiax is dedicated to ...

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  • Oxford ...

    Diagnostic immunoassays to detect Infectious Diseases.



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  • pluriSelect

    Economical, Fast and Simple Cell/Protein Separation.

    pluriSelect is a ...

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  • Prosci Inc.

    High performance antibodies...and more

    ProSci specializes in the

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  • Puritan

    HydraFlock® swabs, PurFlock® Ultra swabs, Media Transport


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  • Quidel

    Leading manufacturer of Diagnostic Healthcare Solutions.

    Quidel is a ...

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  • RSR Limited

    Reagents for Diagnoses of Autoimmune Diseases

    RSR is a major

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  • Sciencell

    High quality human & animal cells, cell culture media.

    ScienCell ...

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  • ScyTek

    Pathology Antibodies and Staining reagents

    ScyTek Laboratories was ...

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  • Signalway ...

    Developer of phospho-specific antibody products.

    SAB is a ...

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  • Snibe

    Provider of automated chemiluminescence immuno-analyzers.

    Snibe is ...

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  • SouthernBiotech

    Quality Antibodies for Quality Research

    SouthernBiotechnology ...

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  • Supertechs


    Supertechs is the one and only manufacturer of ...

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  • TestLine

    Provider of Serology ELISAs & IMMUNOBLOTs.

    TestLine Clinical

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  • Tonbo ...

     High performance reagents for flow cytometry

    Tonbo Biosciences ...

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  • ViroStat

    Immunochemicals for Infectious Disease Research.

    ViroStat is a ...

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  • Virotech ...

    Reliable partner in infectious diseases serology & ...

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