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Generi biotech provides CE/IVD real-time PCR kits for the detection of various targets including Aspergillus and Aspergillus fumigates. 

Traditional methods used for diagnosis of invasive fungal infections caused by Aspergillus (such as cultivation of suitable clinical material or serological methods) have limited usage in immunocompromised patients due to their low sensitivity, non-specificity and time requirements. Compared to that, molecular biological methods, especially real-time PCR that offers very high sensitivity and specific detection, are an effective instrument for rapid and targeted detection of Aspergillus DNA in clinical specimens. 

The diagnostic kits of Generi biotech are designed for the detection and quantification of the most commonly occuring species of Aspergillus: A. fumigates, A. flavus, A. niger, A. terreus. Of these pathogens the most frequent is A. fumigates which is responsible for approximately 80% of all invasive apergillosis. 

9 key characteristics of gb MICRO Aspergillus and gb MICRO Aspergillus fumigates kits:

1) qualitative and quantitative detection
2) CE IVD certification
3) detection is based on real-time PCR employing fluorescently labelled hydrolysis probes
4) assays in ready-to-use format, the user merely adds the DNA sample
5) suitable input material: broncho-alveolar lavage (BAL), lung tissue, blood serum, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid
6) possibility of preamplification of input DNA
7) internal positive control to reveal PCR inhibition
8) positive and negative controls are included in the kit
9) validated on the following real-time PCR cyclers: Rotor-Gene 3000 / 6000, CFX96, ABI 7900HT

Info Generi biotech

Real-time PCR kits for pathogens and DNA defects (CE/IVD) 

Generi biotech is a biotechnological company focusing on the development and manufacture of in vitro dianostic real-time PCR kits for microbiology, thrombophilia, genetics, pharmacogenetics and oncology. Their real-time PCR kits are ready-to-use: you only need to add the DNA sampe to the ready-made Master Mix.
The Master Mixes contain components that reduce sensitivity towards PCR inhibitors, which lowers the possibility of false negative results. Because of their identical temperature profile the kits may be analysed in one run. 

Generi biotech develops and manufactures all kits and their individual components (oligonucleotides, master mixes) themselves. This way they can guarantee their exceptional detection reliability and high quality standard.
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