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Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) is a molecular diagnostic technique that utilizes DNA fragments labeled with a fluorescent tag to highlight the location, presence, or rearrangement of genetic loci.

FISH probes enable clinicians and researchers to accurately determine a specific genetic abnormality. The revelation of an abnormality can answer key questions in disease diagnosis, prognosis, and enable the selection of the ideal treatment. FISH probes also aid in drug development and research projects.

Empire Genomics offers a selection of high quality, customized and accurate FISH probes using their full RP-11 library.

Empire Genomics is committed to working with the scientific community to bring the best in genomic technologies to bear on the complex systems biology questions that we collectively seek to answer. We will continually work to remove costly variation, inconsistency and the lack of reproducibility that has prevented the field from rapidly moving forward with discoveries.

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