News about BioSkryb

BioSkryb core technology supports a broad range of single-cell and ultra-low input applications:

- Cancer Genomics
- Cardiology
- Immunology
- Preimplantation Genetic Testing
- Neurology
- Microbiome Research
- Bioprocessing
- Toxicology 

The ResolveDNA™ Whole Genome Sequencing Workflow is compatible with single cells, multiple cells, and low-input (>4 pg to 10 ng) DNA samples.

- Unprecedented genome recovery (>95%) and coverage uniformity
- Reproducible results for consistent sequencing data quality
- Easy to perform workflow with less than 45 minutes of hands-on time

ResolveDNA™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit Flyer

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Single-cell whole genome amplification

BioSkryb has ushered in a whole new era of single-cell whole genome amplification. The benefits of the BioSkryb ResolveDNA™ technology include the ability to control the amplicon size during amplification. This allows the incorporation of barcode identifiers into each sample template, enabling unparalleled reproducibility and sensitive detection of DNA lesions. BioSkryb's complete workflow solution is especially useful in cancer research as it allows the detection of single resistant mutant cells (MRD) in heterogeneous cancers such as leukemia. It also enables new applications for gene sequencing that need a level of resolution simply not available today.

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