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IHC applications for Tumor Pathology / Non- Tumor Pathology:

Classification of neoplasma, Diagnosis of malignancy, Prognostic markers, Predicting response to treatment, Detection of metastases, Screening of inherited cancer syndromes, Neurodegenerative diseases, Brain trauma, Muscle diseases, Amyloidosis and Dementias.  
In Situ Hybridization


Fluorescein-labeled oligonucleotide probes used for the detection of RNA or DNA by In Situ Hybridization (ISH).

These probes allow the localization of specific nucleic acid sequences within cells from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. When used with the ISH Detection systems, these probes offer reliable, highly sensitive and easy-to-perform DNA and RNA assays.
Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization

Diagnostic applications of FISH:
Prenatal diagnosis, Cancer diagnosis, Molecular cytogenetic of birth defects and mental retardation, The identification of specific chromosome abnormalities, The characterization of marker chromosomes, Interphase FISH for specific abnormalities in cases of failure, Cytogenetic and Monitoring the success of bone marrow transplantation.
Special Stains

Special Stains are used in addition to H&E staining to selectively stain cells and cellular components. Used for:
* Presence of certain class of molecules
* Their localization
* Number of molecules present

They can be grouped into stains for detection of microorganisms, connective tissues and lipids, carbohydrates, amyloid and minerals, pigments and miscellaneous.



Fully Automated System from Microtome to Microscope. All-in-One All-at-Once IHC, ISH, FISH, SS, Multiplex Stains and Co-detection.


        Features & Benefits:
  1. Adaptable workflow solution for efficiency, enhanced productivity and profitability
  2. High throughput - 100 slides per day, 60 slides in eight hour shift and 40 slide in a delayed overnight run
  3. Multi-format specimen processing: Frozen, FFPE, Cell Preparations, Smears and FNAs
  4. Slide processing options: Random, Continuous and STAT
  5. Standardized process from baking through final coverslip
  6. Multiple standard and customizable reporting capabilities at your fingertips
  7. LIS - enabled data tracking and management
  8. Audio and visual effects
  9. Color coded GUI-real time tracking of all assay parameters

eFISHiency System for FISH Automation. All-in-One FISH, in situ PCR and ISH.


        Features & Benefits:
  1. Add micro-reagents manually to save cost
  2. Intelligent SMS information for alerts
  3. Economical and affordable
  4. Touch panel PC as user interface
  5. Flexible Open System Software - create, edit and save protocols for future use
  6. Run 10 different protocols at the same time

eFISHiency Workstation. All-in-One FISH, in situ PCR and ISH.

        Features & Benefits:
  1. High performance in situ PCR and FISH
  2. Hybridizer with eXACT temperatures
  3. 10 independent thermal cyclers
  4. Built-in touch screen display for easy operations
  5. Compact aestethics for easy fit in lab
  6. Facility of on-board wash with effective waste drainage system
  7. Audio-visual alerts and on screen color coded error alerts
  8. GUI with real time display of heating and cooling cycle information
  9. User-friendly software with ability to add/delete cycles, store protocols for future use and perform up to 45 PCR cycles
  10. Retrievable run data with date, time and experimental details

Info BioGenex

The Molecular Pathology Specialist.

BioGenex develop, manufacture and market highly innovative and fully automated systems for cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection: the Xmatrix systems.
In addition, BioGenex also offer a broad range of histology products for immunohistochemistry [IHC], in-situ hybridization [ISH], miRNA, in situ PCR, multiplex and special staining of tissues including more than 300 primary antibodies, nucleic acid probes, detection systems, ancillaries and consumables that provide high quality, standardized, reliable and consistent results.

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